Talentpool: Delivering Recruitment Software to Delight Recruiters

CIO Vendor According to Fortune Business Insights, the global recruitment software market size is expected to reach USD 3095.8 million by 2025. The need to streamline the recruitment process and enhance communication capabilities among the internal stakeholders are the major factors driving the growth of this market.

However, most of the recruitment software solutions today fail to meet these requirements of recruiters. Most of such ATS solutions are developed with the primary objective of being multi-featured rather than being user-friendly. A recruitment tool could comprise the most stunning features; however, if it is difficult for the user to navigate through it, the user experience is bound to be unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is imperative to pay heed to the UX of recruitment software. After all software solution is as good as its usage. A good UX in recruitment software leads to faster adoption of the product and generates more value for organizations.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Pune based Talentpool offers a user-friendly software where the brand promise is to create interfaces that lead users straight away to the pending tasks and move the recruitment process ahead. Talentpool helps recruiters reduce their mundane tasks considerably. “We emphasize the usability and therefore, every feature that we offer is tracked and measured on usage results,” says Nitin Shimpi, CoFounder of Talentpool. “Our motto is to stay away from the temptation of becoming feature-rich software where most features are used only for the purpose of covering the buyer’s checklist,” he adds.

Virtual Recruitment Assistant
The hardest part of recruitment is screening the candidates from a large applicant pool. Therefore, recruiters are leveraging AI based recruitment assistants that help in reducing such time-consuming activities.
This is where Talentpool’s virtual recruitment assistant - Maya - comes into the picture. The features and functionalities of Maya are built in such a way that it reduces complications for the recruiter as well as the hiring managers. Maya is primarily used for internal stakeholder communication and eliminates the need for any non-recruitment user to learn to use other software. The company’s primary focus is to keep the interaction as simple and conversational as a Whatsapp chat or FB Messenger.

We emphasize the usability and therefore, every feature that we offer is tracked and measured on usage results

Actionable Dashboards
Talentpool provides result-focused dashboards that help in focusing on the activities that help in achieving the goal. With an aim to ensure quality, Talentpool provides feedback, assessment and tools that help in managing the quality.

The Vision
“Most enterprise software solutions are primarily built for the C-level executives. No wonder the adoption of such solutions has always been driven using top down. However, results only emerge when the end users adopt the product. We build products that are promoted by end users and drive usage bottom up,” affirms Nitin. Talentpool aspires to make life easy for the recruiter, apart from meeting the information needs of the higher management.

Talentpool believes that building recruitment solutions by incorporating AI, ML and Blockchain technologies could bring about a major shift in the recruitment landscape. Therefore, the company is planning to leverage these technologies and develop features that can help organizations hire better.