Monjin: Enabling Industry Maestros to Provide Personal and Dynamic Interview Assessments

CIO Vendor No two interviews are same as there are no set parameters to evaluate candidates. Neither do the individuals have a rating on their skills nor it is easy to control the flow of the interviews. Some times,the talent acquisition gets confined as well.

There are various factors that contribute to the overall hiring problems like high logistic costs, geographical limitations,loss of valuable time, surface level candidate assessment and most importantly lower hit rate.

This is where Monjin,a digital interviewing and assessment company, comes into the picture. Monjin's vision is to create a network of assessed candidates where every global professional gets to showcase his/her skills and increase their employability.

Monjin also enjoys a self-aggregating,ever-growing global army of experienced,even decades long,domain experts,passionately associated Interview panelist. Tapping this exclusive intellectual resource immediately uplifts an organization's interviewing process for good. Best part, these mid-to-senior level managers working in different organizations, not only bring their own technical know how but are also trained to perform extensive evaluation and pick the right candidates.

Monjin's keen focus is always on rendering the right technology to the experts panel and candidates through its platform. “There is no assessment available today on any of the Portals- Monjin creates a profession, it brings in to the world for the first time an ISO or a CMM on talent,” unveils Aniruddha Fansalkar, CHRO and Co-founder.

“The interviewers and candidates are intelligently matched and scheduled via AI, Deep learning and Human intelligence based on their skills, sector, geography, privacy preferences, previous assessment feedback and availability. These video interviews are
recorded, analyzed, indexed,rated and tagged, that can either be shared within or outside the organization and streamed across various devices,” adds Aniruddha Fansalkar.

Moreover, Monjin facilitates access to employers into these video interviews where they can see both interviewer and candidate in the frame along with competency ratings. Ultimately, employers can select, reject, shortlist or share assessment along with video within the network. Employers can also choose the interviewers based on the productivity of their organization. Monjin has engineered this feature well to apply for patents in specific areas.

Monjin’s vision is to create a network of assessed candidates where every global professional gets to showcase his/ her skills and increase their employability

Undeniably, job-seekers are spending grueling hours to find out right opportunities. To candidates, Monjin renders full ownership of their video asset. “Candidates and interviewers are being matched on Monjin engine via AI, based on skills and work experience. Once they are matched, interview happens in an automated fashion. It is then analyzed by industry experts who are a part of Monjin’s assessed network. Deep technical, functional, behavioral groups are self growing on Monjin who contributes to neutral assessment”,explains Aniruddha Fansalkar.

Furthermore, candidates will be able to share these video interviews with multiple employers at once, showcasing their skills and true potential effectively.

Moving ahead, while planning to create PPT (Plug and Play talent) Monjin envisages to launch an offering related to on demand interviewing, which can help recognize individuals and their skills globally.