Hire XP: Delivering Robust Recruiting software for END - TO - END Hiring Process

CIO Vendor With the changing economic scenario, hiring managers are facing the dilemma of choosing the right candidate that perfectly fits the desired profile. The pressure of the ever high competition with the inability to fill the positions within the stipulated time, the need to improve efficiency during the recruitment process, measuring the numerous performances and results pose as challenges that need to be overcome by recruitment managers. Job seekers also act as brand influencers and thus companies need to ensure the delivery of great candidate experience. In addition to this, companies utilize a gamut of channels and tools for sourcing that demand integration. Further more, the recruitment technology solutions need to be customizable as most companies are hesitant to change their internal recruitment workflow. Gurgaon headquartered Squad gain Techlabs comes to the aid with their comprehensive recruitment solution HireXP.

As per each recruiter's unique needs, HireXP eliminates all the guesswork of recruiting; permitting one to intelligently customize and automate key hiring processes. This platform is backed by a strong analytics framework and is highly customizable where the solution can be tailored to work around the company’s pre-existing processes. In conjunction with this, understanding that companies use a plethora of channels and tools for sourcing, interview scheduling, and candidate experience, the solution is designed to seamlessly integrate everything onto a single platform. “HireXP automatically creates a funnel based on the skills in the application and can do resume ranking for the top applicants. The application tracking and administration are exceptionally smooth in HireXP as well,” informs Vikas Kakkar, Founder, and CEO, Squadgain Techlabs.

This feature-rich platform offers voice feedback on-the-go where the interview panelist can record their feedback using mobile.
Additionally, recruiters can initiate a video introduction request to the candidate directly from the HireXP panel. The platform also facilitates candidates with their Interactive Career Page. The career pages are a medium where potential candidates can interact with existing employees of the companies and ask questions using voice or text messages thereby assisting interested candidates to make their decision based on real insights about an organization.

As Per Each Recruiter's Unique Needs, Hirexp Eliminates All The Guesswork Of Recruiting; Permitting One To Intelligently Customize And Automate Key Hiring Processes

Reengineering the recruitment process, the solution is divided into two modules; HireXP and CanXP, where the solution takes a holistic approach to hiring. With dual key benefits, the solution assists companies to identify the right candidates as well as help design the perfect candidate experience, so the right candidates pick the company back. With real-time candidate experience, the system routes automatic calls to the candidate to gather feedback immediately after the interview where constructive feedback can help build the company brand. Simultaneously, companies can design exemplary campaigns to engage their candidates using CanXP.

With a stronghold in this domain, the company aims to launch a new tool, CamXP, for Campus hiring linked with HireXP and Chat Bots that will be leveraged to shortlist the candidates based on competencies in the near future.