MyNextHire: All-in-One Solution for Recruitment Excellence

CIO Vendor Is it possible to make the hiring professionals of enterprises happier at work and more productive? As workforce demand becomes practically difficult to predict and tasks around recruitments contribute nerve wracking experience to recruiters, the question remains a daunting challenge. The artificial intelligence powered MyNextHire software is turning this vision into a reality. It is a one-stop solution to address end to end recruiting requirements of enterprises of any size. Pune headquartered renders MyNextHire software to automate approximately 60% of regular recruitment tasks like publishing, sourcing, pre-screening, interview feedback chasing, offer management and on boarding. “With MyNextHire, our clients improve recruiting efficiency by at least 50% within the first few weeks,” unveils Vivek Jade, Founder and CEO of's central goal is to help companies create an effective collaboration between hiring managers, recruiters and decision makers to improve overall hiring efficiency and experience for everyone! It is the only ATS in the market that accurately measures net promoter scores of applicants, recruiters and hiring managers! Significantly, it facilitates Workforce Planning, Applicant Tracking, Smart Evaluations (Video Interviewing, Online Assessment, Various Integrations). Its fully automated recruiting software, MyNextHire, helps not only meet comprehensive recruiting tasks but also turn hiring process more easy and effective. “In recruiting, we are committed to providing great candidate experience, finding great talent and need tools that would enable us to achieve those goals. MyNextHire is an ideal solution - it provides push-button smart analytics capability, savvy candidate interactions, easy workflow and approvals. It is both a “recruiter’s ATS” which helps them increase productivity and become efficient as well as an enterprise tool which helps the company to make better hiring decisions,” says Sharad Verma, CHRO, Sears Holdings India.
MyNextHire collects hundreds of data points and converts them into useful insights to drive specific actions and final outcome like time to hire and cost per hire etc. According to Vivek Jade, “MyNextHire accurately demonstrates the bottlenecks in our client's recruiting processes by doing a cohort analysis for recruitment funnel while applications are being processed through it. This allows our clients to work on most inefficient parts of their process on priority. That is why MyNextHire is also known as ROI-driven recruiting solution”.

MyNextHire optimizes AI and BOTs to deliver excellent decision support to all stakeholders.

Hiring professionals are spending gruelling hours to match apt candidates to right positions. This is where MyNextHire comes in. Its BOTs analyze every application regardless of its source and match them against the right job description. As applications are always sorted, recruiters can quickly reach them. Most importantly, it can be configured to automatically screen the applications based on requisition criteria. “When a new requisition is created, the existing applications are also getting analyzed to suggest best matches and helps recruiters to the hilt,” evinces Vivek Jade. MyNextHire optimizes AI and BOTs to deliver excellent decision support to all stakeholders.

Besides,to ensure maximum security and privacy to its clients, MyNextHire creates a new private database for each of its customers. The client database is hosted on AWS in a private VPN and is backed up every night at multiple regions as a standard practice.“We have a number of BOTs that help continuously monitor the health of the system and users' problems so that we can act proactively,” opines Amol, senior product developer.

Additionally, MyNextHire is piloting a prescriptive analytics based solution that can predict a likely date by when a position might get filled as well as suggestions to fill the position faster to take its decision support capability forward.